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    PAULA RYAN DESIGNS offers consulting and project
    management for your interior design or remodel project.



    The first step

    Is a complementary phone call to discuss your design dilemma or project,

    as well as time frame and budget. With an understanding

    of your goals, we can determine which consultation is best for you.




    Here is a sample of the services we offer:




    • Blueprint and floor plan review

    • Conceptual design

    • Exterior materials, window, door, and hardware selections

    • Kitchen and bath design, cabinetry, countertop, and tile selection

    • Flooring selections

    • Color schemes

    • Plumbing fixtures

    • Electrical and lighting specifications

    • Architectural elements, fireplace finishes, and stair parts





    • Paint color selection and color coordination

    • Window treatments

    • Furniture, lighting, accessories, and artwork

    • Room makeovers combining existing items with new additions

    • Wallpaper







    Every Paula Ryan Designs
    project begins with a consultation. Ready to
    get started, but not sure where to begin? During any of our consultations, you
    gain immediate professional expertise from 25 years in the interior design,
    remodeling, and home construction industry.



    PRD has several options
    to suit your needs:




    Need a designer’s intervention to avoid costly or unsightly mistakes?

    During this time together, we will dissect the

    challenges of your space,discuss ideas,

    and draft a general plan for your project.


    • Gain expert advice on creating a color scheme,

    coordinating permanent hard surfaces, w

    all color, and soft goods


    • Get answers to questions while tapping into

    a designer’s knowledge


    • Benefit from clarity and knowing what to do…

    and just as important, what not to do




    1 hour REMOTE DESIGN
    CONSULTATION $175 via FaceTime/Zoom 30 minute

    DESIGNER Q&A $100 via FaceTime/Zoom


    Have a specific question or problem area in

    your house that leaves you stumped?


    This consult will put a virtual gaze on the issue,

    with ideas and solutions from a seasoned expert.


    • Pick the brain of a designer…during the consult,

    we will discuss potential options, giving you the direction

    and confidence you need



    • While it is not possible to complete a full design in a

    brief timeframe, this service is a simple way to get

    professional insight for your design dilemma








    PROJECT MANAGEMENT TBD based on project scope



    This comprehensive service includes planning, budgeting, design development, and
    execution. With a team of skilled tradesmen, fabricators, and installers, our
    goal is to make the construction experience easy on the homeowner…with the
    exception of a little dust.





    • Develop a working plan to bid your project

    • Meet tradespeople on site to review
    scope of work and obtain bid proposals

    • Create a detailed bid with a cost
    breakdown that includes materials, labor, project management, and design fees






    • With a signed contract, the transformation begins

    • Select and purchase products, materials, and finishes

    • Ensure that materials are ordered
    and delivered to the site

    • Schedule all subcontractors and tradesmen

    • Manage daily issues and questions throughout

    the project

    • Relieve the stress while your house is under






    $150 rate/10 hour minimum




    Whether you have your own contractor or completing a remodeling project yourself,

    PRD will guide you through the process of selecting materials and finishes.


    • Our combined knowledge of interior design and home
    construction will prevent costly or unsightly mistakes

    • Remodeling and updates will flow seamlessly with the rest of your home

    • New construction will emulate a custom home rather
    than a builder spec house




    SERVICES $150
    rate/10 hour minimum

    This range of service is based on the conclusions and goals discussed
    in your initial design consultation. If you are challenged with executing the
    ideas or finding the right product, PRD will streamline the effort to pull your
    space together beautifully.


    • Shopping assistance for hard and soft finish selections,

    from flooring to fabrics


    • Styling and accessorizing with a designer’s touch to complete
    unfinished rooms


    • Room makeovers combining smart, new additions with existing items


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